About Us

Best Arabian Trading (BAT) is managed by a group of highly qualified professionals with substantial knowledge of Middle East. Our mission is to create a commercial interface between the manufacturer and the buyer.

Best Arabian Trading (BAT) has focus on identifying, sourcing and supplying the right kind of Construction Materials, Building Materials, Safety Items, Electrical & Instrumentation Materials, Fasteners & Industrial Tools and related items. By being close to industry leaders, Best Arabian Trading (BAT) has identified opportunities for a wide range of business categories. This dynamic method helps us to provide the right material in the right time. Best Arabian Trading (BAT) offers a wide range of materials with best in quality. This way, our services assist in maximizing commercial potential.


Our vision is to be considered as an outstanding supplier of professional services to the construction industry and play a major role in the development and success of all industries in Saudi Arabia.


Our Core Values set out the principles by which we conduct our business.

Best Arabian Trading is commited to the following ideals:

  1. Quality – A commitment to quality is a commitment to the best in all of us. Respect from others are the rewards that result from a quality job.
  2. Client Satisfaction – Striving for perfection in anticipation of exceeding our clients’ highest expectations. Building good client relationships through leadership, creative solutions and hard work.
  3. Safety– Construction is a hazardous business and Benchmark is dedicated to education, implementations and self-monitoring all safety programs to ensure the safest working environment for all our employees.
  4. Teamwork– The team is greater than the sum of its individual parts. Simply stated, our Company is only as good as the chemistry that exists between us..
  5. Individual Initiative – The courage and tenacity required to promote new ideas is the result of the hero that exists in all of us. We encourage everyone to look for better ways of doing things and foster the forums in which expressing these ideas become reality.

Customer Focus Working in Partnership, we aim to add value for our customers, as well as for the company. All of our decisions are taken with the customer in focus.

Safety We value our safety and the safety of environment.

Excellence We strive for excellence in everything we do, including services to our customers and the performance of our duties.

Team Work We work with our clients as a team. Mutual respect provides the foundation for our success.

Innovation We promote an innovative culture and attitude. Innovation is a key driver for our growth.

Responsibility We all share responsibility for our company as whole and for its results. Also performing our duties to the best of our ability and with integrity.

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